10 Jun

Policy Compass at 4th International Symposium on Operational Research!

The 4th International Symposium and 26th National Conference on Operational Research was held in Chania, Greece between 4th and 6th of June 2015 aiming to disseminate recent scientific advances in operational research and management science (OR/MS) and to promote international co-operation among researchers and practitioners working on OR/MS.

DSSLab NTUA, partners in the Policy Compass project, gave a project-oriented presentation titled “Policy Impact Evaluation Through Prosperity Metrics and Open Data Sources“.


Participants were engaged in an active discussion on the project’s findings and advancements, as well as for the upcoming milestones and next steps.


The respective presentation can be found here.

08 Sep

Policy Compass at EGOV / ePart 2014!

The IFIP EGOV conference, together with IFIP ePart, brings together leading researchers and professionals from across the globe and from a number of disciplines.

National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), partner of the Policy Compass project, presented a scientific paper in the context of EGOV / ePart 2014 (entitled “Fusing Open Public Data, Prosperity Indexes, Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Argumentation Technology for more factual, evidence-based and accountable policy analysis and evaluation”), relevant to the project’s concept and approach.

The relevant presentation can be found here.